Company Overview
Background: The Company was founded in 1998 and headquartered at Tianjin. As the industry leader in veterinary medicine field, the Company is a vital market player and well-known public company with huge production capacity of veterinary pharmaceuticals, vaccines, nutritional feed additives and raw pharmaceutical materials.
Business Scope: The Company’s major business engages in production and sales activities for animal healthcare product. Other business scope covers development, consultancy, and services on biotechnology plus self-funded direct investment in high-tech industry.
Geographic Coverage: The Company established distribution channels in 30 provinces (2200+ first tier distributors) and maintained stable long-term cooperative relationship with 740+ farming enterprises all over China. In addition to the successful domestic business development, its products are also sold to Egypt, Jordan, Pakistan and Philippines.
Achievement and Recognition
• Top 10 Enterprises of Veterinary Biologics by China National Industry Association
• Top 50 Enterprises of Veterinary Pharmaceutical Production
• Most Influential Brand in China Animal Health Products Industry in 2006
• Most Influential Brand in China Animal Husbandry in 2009
• Most Influential Brand in China Animal Husbandry in 30 years of reform and open up
• Chinese Leading Enterprise at Scientific and Technological Innovations in Animal Science & Veterinary Medicine
Investment Snapshot
Investment Time: August, 2008
Investment Amount: RMB 48 million
Exit Performance
IPO: Growth Enterprises Market, Sep 17th,2010
Realized Return: 54.18% IRR