Company Overview
Background: The Company was established in 1998. Currently it has 5 wholly owned subsidiaries, 2 partially owned subsidiary and 3 branches across the country. As a leading polymer foam material producer in China, the Company engages in polymer foam materials researching, developing, producing and sales activities in the fields of soft foam materials, structure foam and post-processing products.
Business Scope: The Company delivers various soft-foaming materials such as PE, EVA, SBR and CR, as well as sports facilities with modern design. Structural foam "Strucell" was successfully developed and has been applied in wind power, transportation, marine and architecture areas.
Achievement and Recognition
• ISO 14001, ISO 9000, GL, DIN5510, CNAS and NFF16-101.
Investment Snapshot
Investment Time: March, 2008
Investment Amount: RMB 55.6 million
Exit Performance
IPO: Jan 25th, 2011
Multiple Return: 3.48x