Company Overview
Background: The Company was founded in 1999 and headquartered at Beijing High-tech Park. The company is a developer and manufacturer of cardiac-related medical instrument and drugs (including interventional cardiology, occlusion devices, prosthetic heart valves, pacemaker, cardiac in vitro diagnosis products, angiographic equipment and anesthetic products). Its products enjoy country-level reputation and are sold to 1200+ cardiac medical centers in China. The Company has 8 subsidiaries around the world, generating RMB 4 billion overseas revenue from sales in 63 countries.
Business Scope: The Company established a whole cardiovascular industrial chain, covering instrument (51%), pharmacy (10.7%), service (18.7%) and mobile healthcare segments (19.6%).
Achievement and Recognition
• National 863 development plan project
• Sample stock of CCTV Finance 50 Index in 2014
Investment Snapshot
Investment Time: June, 2014 (one year lock period)
Investment Amount: RMB 405.3 million